Pruning & Trimming in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Greater Milwaukee’s best solution for anytime tree and shrub care
Whether storm damage removal or routine tree trimming or pruning, we are south Milwaukee’s most experienced and affordable cut-and-go tree service. Not only is trimming yourself dangerous, but you could also harm to the tree if not done properly. Our experienced arborists will be able to assess your specific need and engineer the most appropriate and safest removal of limbs, shrubs, and branches. We cut with appearance in mind and are careful to thin and shape trees for the most attractive finish.

Homeowners should consider pruning mature trees should routinely every 3-5 years. Our teams are well-versed in routine trimming care as well as hazardous limb removal. Our work crews use creative rigging to assure limbs fall in the safest area, avoiding damage to landscaping, roofs, and siding.

Trimming is beneficial for trees, too, and can:

  • Boost the health and lifespan of the tree
  • Manage hazardous limps over structures
  • Build resistance to infection, infestation, and disease.

Our work crews follow up on every cutting job with a diligent final sweep to remove all debris, including leaves, bark, branches, and large limbs. Tree and shrub trimming can be contracted on a routine or one-time basis, whatever is better for your need. For more than 10 years we’ve served the areas of Wind Lake, New Berlin, Muskego, Franklin, Hale Corners, Greenfield and Greendale. Don’t hesitate to contact us to initiate your complimentary, on-site assessment.

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