Stump Grinding

Affordable Milwaukee Stump Removal and Grinding
To make sure the job is done right, Trees No More offers stump grinding which can be smoothly integrated onto the end of our tree removal or lawn care project. We are one of the few companies throughout Franklin, Greendale, Greenfield, Hale Corners, Muskego, New Berlin, and Wind Lake that haul away stump debris each and every service call. We accept service calls to grind existing stumps for new home-buyers and for those simply looking to overhaul their yard.

Our specialized grinding equipment means you won’t be introducing harmful chemicals to your lawn and will assure the stump is removed 16 inches below grade. Homeowners will only need to replace topsoil where the stump was removed after the ground settles.

While traditional stump removal is able to pull up more of a tree’s root system, it is largely disruptive to the surrounding soil and requires heavy machinery. Grinding provides a cost-efficient and highly effective alternative for homeowners.

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