Lawn Seeding & Sodding Service

Affordable Lawn Grass Seed Care & Sod Installation near Milwaukee
Healthy lawn grass is the crown jewel of landscaping, and Trees No More’s work crews are highly experienced in rehabilitating lawns from the ground up. This requires the proper soil preparation and correctional leveling of dips and holes. We remove and patch old turf and apply fresh topsoil to grade your lawn’s surface. To restore grass beds, we use high-quality perennial grass seed and lawn sod suitable for residential and commercial properties.

Our seeding and sodding services are the perfect solutions for blending in patches left by felled trees and grounded stumps. We have the right equipment and manpower to grade and level out your lawn once a cleared tree’s root system begins to decompose below the surface. We have access to the appropriate seeding and sod that will make sure your new grass or sod matches the existing lawn flawlessly.

This service includes:

  • Competitive Milwaukee rates
  • Guaranteed results
  • A final debris and lawn clean-up

Trees No More will be able to assess your specific lawn need and provide a flat-fee, affordable pricing package. Our lawn professionals use leading industry standards to serve clients throughout the areas of Wind Lake, New Berlin, Muskego, Franklin, Hale Corners, Greenfield and Greendale.

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