Mulch & Stone Installation

Franklin Mulch Delivery and Landscaping Bed Preparation
Landscaping beds for trees and lawn plants is an easy way to give your yard a polished appearance. Without the right equipment, these types of projects are nightmares. Trees No More can furnish its clients throughout the greater Milwaukee area with hardwood mulch, stone and synthetic landscaping products. We’ll take care of preparing the bed area and laying the material. We are ready to serve clients in Franklin, Greendale, Greenfield, Hale Corners, Muskego, New Berlin, and Wind Lake.

The installation process is straightforward:

  • We assess your project to provide you a flat fee
  • We cut fresh bed edges for definition
  • Weed control fabric is installed on the bottom of the bed
  • The aggregate or mulch is delivered and laid

In addition to the curb appeal, mulching can hold water and provide much-needed nutrients for shrubs, bushes, and newly planted trees. While landscaping rock is much less hands-on, it is recommended to refresh mulch yearly. If your beds are in need of some attention, do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary quote.

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