It’s something you hope never happens, but sooner or later a tree may fall on your house or property. What you do next in the pursuit of emergency tree service is crucial. In order of importance, here are the 5 things to do if a tree ever falls on your house.

tree on house requiring emergency tree service work

1. From a distance, observe if any power lines are involved. If there appears to be any damage, call We Energies emergency response line: 1-800-662-4797

2. Assess the physical hazards of the situation:  Rope off or block off the area to limit the risk of someone getting injured by the hazardous tree. Whatever you have on hand is better than nothing, as this terrible situation will only be made worse by someone getting hurt on your property. 

3. Take a few pictures from a safe distance with your phone. These pictures can not only be forwarded to a tree service to assess the clean-up efforts, they may prove useful later for your insurance company to assess the scope of the damage.

4. Call a local tree service that provides emergency tree service. Tree services that provide emergency service should be able to dispatch someone to examine the damage within hours, not days, and provide immediate service to remove the critical portions of the tree to at least stabilize the situation that same day. Speed is especially an important factor in limiting water damage to the interior of your home in cases where limbs have penetrated.

5. Call your homeowners insurance and open a claim. Typically homeowner’s insurance rates are not affected by no-fault type claims due to natural causes. Additionally, this type of emergency tree service work can be very dangerous and thus expensive. 

If you have any questions, either before or after a tree falls on your house, feel free to contact us to come out and help assess the situation.  Oftentimes, mitigation techniques such as cabling or limb removal can improve the chances that your home will avoid a direct and substantial hit in the future.